Welcome to the HLT’s Career Day 2019

With approximately 300 students, HLT is one of the leading educators of leaders within the church, education and societal arena. Amongst our students you will find capable leaders with a clear call to ministry and missions, young leaders with a heart for children and teenagers, and hearts that are passionate for pastoral ministry, schools and to be influencers of society.  


While more and more Christian organisations and churches struggle to recruit new leaders and employees, there are many HLT students that are eagerly looking for opportunities to work with what they are passionate about after their studies. We want to create an arena where resources meet needs, where contact points are created and future relationships and involvement can start.


Are you a current or previous HLT student on the lookout for opportunities to practice what you have learnt? Or are you a church leader or organization looking for your next leader or employee? Welcome to HLT’s Career Day 2019 on the 27thMarch!


And the best of all, Career Day 2019 is free!


For students:

Register via the Facebook event here.


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