Error and improvement report

It is important for us at HLT that you know that we will listen to you when you have the need to say something. Because of this, we have set up a system for registering feedback for students and HLT employees. We call feedback an “error and improvement report”. You may not consider your feedback as an “error report,” but we encourage you to use the “error report form” anyway! Just make sure that you choose the form called “Other”


What is an error?

According to Norwegian Standards in “NS-ISO 8402 Quality Leadership and Quality Control,” an error is defined as “not fulfilling specified criteria.” Generally speaking, we can say that an error means that something is not the way we had envisioned it would be according to a specified set of qualitative criteria. This can include:

  • Injury, accident or near-accident;
  • Flaws or defects;
  • Violations of laws and regulations;
  • Violations of internal routines and guidelines;
  • Incorrect evaluations

All errors in the form of HSE violations (health, security and environment) or fire safety need to be reported.


The purpose of reporting errors is to ensure that they will be registered and forwarded to the right person, so that necessary measures can be put in place in order to prevent, expose and correct flaws and defects.


How to Make an Error and Improvement Report:

All error reports at HLT are done by using any of the links below. Choose the link that’s most relevant for the problem/incident you want to report. Please describe what happened as best as you can. When you have sent the error report it will be directly forwarded by email to the correct recipient. If you have made the effort to communicate through this form, we are committed to take care of the situation.


HSE (health, safety and environment)

Fire safety




Student adminstration.

Form for grade explanation can be found here.
Form for grade appeal can be found here.