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And here follows all the important information.
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First of all I will regret that things has to happen so soon.
We will fly with Norwegian, and to keep the prices as low as possible they want us to book seats over the weekend.


We will fly with Norwegian from Oslo to Tel Aviv,
We leave Gardemoen satureday 30. of march 12.00 and we will arrive in
Tel Aviv 7.05 pm.
We leave Tel Aviv satureday 6. of april 8.25 pm and arrive Oslo 50 minutes past midnight, on Sunday 7. of april.


This is a tentative program, and there will be some changes. 

Day 1, Saturday 30. of march:
From the airport in Tel Aviv we will be transportet to Natanya, for dinner and accommodation.

Day 2, Sunday 31. of march:
We start the day with breakfast at the hotel, and a morning swim in the Mediterranean, before we head for Gallilee. Here we will visit Kapernaum and Tiberias and in the evening we will be in a boat on the sea of Gallilee.  

Day 3, Monday 1. of april:
We will continue to explore Gallilee, and the Golan hights before we head for the city Jerusalem.

Day 4, Thursday 2. of april:
Jerusalem – The eternal city. 
We will walk around in the old city, visit the western wall, walk down from the Mount of Olives and walk the Via Dolorosa. In Jerusalem we will meet with a Christian church.

Day 5, Wednesday 3. of april:
We continue to explore Jerusalem. In addition to the Old city we will tour the modern Jerusalem and make a stop at their parlament ( Knesset) and the Holocaus memorial Yad Vashem.
In the evening we could visit Betlehem.

Day 6, Thursday 4. of april:
We go from Jerusalem down to the lowest point in the world, the Dead Sea, and the Qumran. 
In the afternoon we head for Tel Aviv and Sea Net Hotel on the beachfront of the modern, pulsing city.

Day 7, Friday 5. of april:
Day off in Tel Aviv

Day 8, Saturday 6. of april:
We continue to explore Tel Aviv.
The plane leaves in the evening


By monday 05.11, 1 pm, Norwegian needs to know how many seats we want to book. That means that you will have to register before monday morning.
You register by sending me a mail where you confirm your binding registration and write down your name, cell phone number and address.
Write REGISTRATION in the subject.

2-3 weeks after you have registered you will recive the first out of two bills.
The first bill will be on 2000kr. The rest you´ll have to pay in january-february.
The total cost of the trip will be +/- 10 000 krones.
To be able to join this trip, you´ll need: – Your personal Travel insurance. – A passport that expires later than 6 months after our return ( 7. october)  – You need to check if you have a valid visa for Israel  

We travel with an agency called PLUSS- reiser. You need to study their guidelines and rules for cancellations. Se link below and/or to the right. The text is unfortunately only in Norwegian. We don’t have a translated versjon.

Terms and conditions

As a general rule cancellations gets more expensive the later you cancel.
If you cancel only weeks after registration you pay a fee on 500 krones.


– This trip to Israel 2019 is about building friendships, experience new things together and gaining new knowledge. We hope all the students are flexible and open to make this trip a good experience for everybody.
In some of the hotels there will be rooms with 3 or four beds, and to keep the price low we will have to keep to normal standard, no luxus. – We have asked for 25 seats. If more people are interested first come is first served. But we will work towards booking seats for everybody!Registrations starts now. Send e-mail to
Make sure you register before Monday 11 am!!!

In the price of 10 000 krones plane-tickets, hotel, breakfast, dinner, bus, guide and tickets to the museeums/ landmarks are included.

We will spend time in worship and reflection together every day. And together we can make this a fantastic experience.


Lars Christian Gjerlaug
Student Pastor