IT & print

Here you'll get a quick overview of what HLT provides for students regarding IT and print

It services

  • Office365 / Microsoft365 (from fall 2021)
    • Students at HLT are provided with an email address. The address is the student number (
    • Thats the address that will be used with Moodle, Self Service etc.
    • This address should be used when contacting the school via email.
    • That address is also linked to a Office365 A3 lisens. This lisens gives students access to Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint etc…
    • Students have access to this apps as long as they are an active student at HLT.
    • It’s the students responsibility to download/move content when finished as a student at HLT


  • It-support
    • The IT department at HLT consists of one employee who provides basic support in terms of Office365, Moodle etc.


  • Print
    • As a student at HLT, you will be given a small sticker that you can attach to, for example, your phone. This is used to log in to the copier available in the administration. Sticker is available at the same location as the copier.
    • Load what you want to print on the copier. Scan your sticker and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • At the moment this is for free.