Off-campus exams

If you are enrolled in an on-campus course you are normally required to attend your exam on campus at HLT. It is possible to apply to take a school examination at an alternative location (off-campus) providing the following requirements are met:


  • The travelling time between HLT and the student’s home address exceeds 3 hours.
  • The exam must be held at a public institution which is able to provide an exam invigilator/supervisor. It is the student’s responsibility to make an agreement with the institution and to cover any expenses related to personnel, rental of premises etc.
  • The exam must be held at a time determined by HLT.
  • Off-campus exams must be held in accordance with HLTs examination regulations.
  • The student must pay an administration fee of 600NOK to HLT. This is in addition to regular semester fees and makeup examination fees. All fees must be made prior to the exam.


For more information please read the Off-Campus Examination Guidelines.


To apply, complete and submit the Off-Campus Examination Request Form. The application form should be emailed no later than 1 month before the examination date to

Once an application to take an off-campus exam is approved, the exam administrator will communicate with the exam supervisor at the public institution to ensure that the exam is set up in accordance with HLTs examination regulations.