The three axes

We strongly belive that the demand for brave leaders with big hearts and clever minds are in great demand in this time. The future belongs to those that use the intellect to honour God and serve people. Therefore HLT are faced forward and works for a better world – through being academia characterized by spiritual power, thinking theology in the context of leadership and creating knowledge that works in practice. In a special way we want to unite elements that have traditionally been kept apart or perceived as opposites:

Academia – Spirituality

We are a college with high requirements for truthfulness, scientific understanding and credibility. We will also be a place where students can be equipped and receive power to serve in the church, organizations and the world.

Theology – Leadership

For us, faith is our base, but it needs to move. Leadership makes faith actionable and provides tools that enable individuals and organizations to live out its mission and potential.

Knowledge – Praksis

We believe that knowledge is not only teachable from books. Instead we learn through life and throughout life. This requires knowledge rooted in practice.