B.A program

A program that provides relevant competence in what you are passionate about.


The Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology (HLT) offers a bachelor in Leadership and Theology. The study program consists of 180 credits/ECTS. The program is entirely taught in English. The main aim of the study program is to provide an introduction to the theology, history, and practice of Christianity, as well as leadership challenges associated with leadership of churches and volunteer organizations.


The program is structured around four modules with two different yearly units of 60 credits/ECTS. One subject group (module) provides a basic introduction to the area of study (basic studies in Christianity). Another subject group (module) provides an opportunity for further studies within one subject field (Pastoral Leadership) with a special focus on some practical theological subjects. In addition, the bachelor program consists of a specialization in Theology and Leadership (30 credits/ECTS) and internship (30 credits/ECTS). Only students residing in Norway can choose internship. Students residing outside of Norway need to apply for a non-resident student status and follow Internet-based subjects described in this plan of study. In addition, all subjects have a corresponding Internet-based system of resources, tutoring and examination. It is mandatory to participate in this Internet based part of the study, and students are therefore required to have a personal computer with a minimum broadband connection of 4 MB. The bachelor program is given on a full-time basis.


Entrance requirements are the completion and passing of a three-year secondary education (general study competency). Individuals with experience as volunteers in churches or other relevant working experience can be enrolled on the foundation of an individual evaluation (Mature student program). English proficiency is required according to the GSU-list published by NOKUT. For further information see under General Entrance requirements.


Internship in your local church

Bachelor in Theology and Leadership at HLT is a practical study. This makes it easier for you to place all that you learn into a bigger context – reality. The internship unit consist of up to 30 credits/ECTS and are spread over a period of two years. You can have your internship in your home church as long as it has a satisfactory level of activity and a qualified mentor according to HLT standards. It’s also possible to have your internship in another church or organization. Students that choose Mission Studies as a subject group have their internship abroad. Internship is only offered as a combination with theoretical courses at HLT. Students are personally responsible of arranging internships with a church or organization. The church or organization must be approved by HLT.

For detailed description of the content and structure of the Bachelor program – click here.

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