Tell us!

Have you seen or experienced something you want to report?

We want you to know that we listen to your needs and feedback.

Your feedback may be related to issues like:

  • Injury, accident, and almost accidents
  • Errors and omissions
  • Violation of laws and regulations
  • Violation of internal routines and guidelines
  • Error assessments

Or it can be related to other feedback such as suggestions on how to improve.

The purpose of the system is to ensure that feedback and complaints are registered and sent to the right person so that necessary measures are implemented to prevent, detect, and correct errors and deficiencies, as well as to improve the way we run the school. Notifications will be treated in line with our internal guidelines.

Click on the link below that seems the most relevant, if you do not know which one to choose, click on “other feedback”. A form will then be opened.


HSE (health, safety and environment)

Fire safety



Student administration



Form for grade explanation can be found here.
Form for grade appeal can be found here.