Will you stand with NSLT in the effort to equip great leaders for the present and the future?

Together when can go further

HLT is growing faster than public support can carry, and like other private colleges we dependent on voluntary donations. Training leaders who make a difference for God in the world does not come for free. We therefore ask boldly for more supporters who stand with us in prayer and finances. Any financial contribution will help us to carry out efforts to provide research-based teaching in college that educates and equips for ministry.

You can also donate via Vipps. Vipps is an app that you download to you smartphone. Our Vipps number is 88165. Please mark your donation “Gift“

The school’s account number: 3000 16 44951

We appreciate all the gifts we receive!


Tax deductions
Tax deductions are given for gifts given to colleges like HLT. Both individuals and businesses / companies can get a tax deduction. The minimum amount is NOK 500, – per year. If the gift exceeds NOK 10,000, a deduction for up to ten per cent of income is given. If you earn NOK 400,000, you can thus receive a deduction for up to NOK 40,000.

Tax-free gifts for non-profit organizations come in addition this arrangement. For example, you can give both to your local church and to HLT with a tax deduction. The tax deduction is calculated separately for both gifts. In order to get tax deduction you need to be a tax payer and submit your tax return.


If you have any questions regarding gifts, please contact Geta Sigland tel.: +47 67 10 35 53, e-mail: