Graduation 2023

The day is finally here when we will get to celebrate your completed bachelor’s degree at HLT!

Friends, family and students are most welcome to join in celebrating you and the other graduates on their big day at HLT in St. Olavs gate 24 in Oslo, Thursday 11 May at 1800.

The graduation party will start with a solemn ceremony in the main hall of the Philadelphia Church where all the bachelor candidates will be called forward to receive a “certificate of appreciation”. Then the banquet continues in the Philadelphia Church canteen with cakes. We hope you will bring your family and friends, and celebrate the day with the staff at HLT. The event is free with the deadline for registration on 8 May.

The dress code for the evening is nice.

If you, as a graduate, are prevented from participating, send an email to


On behalf of the staff at HLT, a warm welcome!

Arne Mella