Academic seminar – Hikmat Kashouh

Welcome to Academic seminar at HLT on the 14. of March.

Hikmat Kashouh is a pastor at Resurrection Church in Beirut, Libanon. A few years ago this was a church of about 70 members. Today this is a large and dynamic church with over 1000 members. New people are being baptist on a monthly basis. This is the story of what happens when one pray for revival and the refugee crises fills the church with lots of people that’s not used to being part of a church. It’s a story of how how God turns a situation filed with hopelessness to a season of hope.

We belive that this story will encourage and challenge us.


The Academic seminar will be held from 9:00 – 13:00


0900: Seminar with Dr. Hikmat Kashouh

1100: Chapel with Dr. Hikmat Kashouh

1200: Leader lunch for staff and for those who register via the form below.

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