Oral Exams

Students will usually be informed of the time and location for their oral exam two weeks before the examination date. Students are expected to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the exam begins. Those who arrive after the scheduled examination time may be refused entry.


Upon arrival, students should present their student ID card or other form of identification (with legitimate photo). Students arriving without formal identification may be refused entry to the examination.


Each student is allotted 30 minutes for the examination. An academic instructor or advisor will lead the examination.


The examination grade is established after the student has left the examination room. The academic instructor will then inform the student of the result. 


If a student becomes ill during the examination and is unable to continue, they should notify the academic instructor responsible for the exam.  The student should then contact the exam administrator via eksamen@hlt.no to apply for approved valid absence. Students with approved valid absence will be granted the opportunity to retake the examination at a later date. However, if the student has completed the exam and received their grade, sickness will not be taken into account. It will no longer be possible for the student to apply for an approved valid absence.


If a student is caught cheating during an examination, their case will be handled in accordance with the Act relating to Norwegian universities and university colleges § 4-7 and § 4-8.